ZACAPA RUM - The Art of Slow

The Art of Slow

Kamilla Seidler, head chef of the award-winning Gustu in Bolivia, embarks on a journey of creative discovery to meet the people who are pushing the boundaries and redefining the world of gastronomy. Travelling the world to meet the most exciting chefs, she goes beyond the kitchen to understand what separates these disrupters from those around them, what inspires them, and how they reconnect with their craft.

Produced by: Something Studios in association with Shuffle Media
Executive Producer: Dan Pickard & Richard Moore
Creative Director: Nick Hoskin
Producers: Andy Hewitt, Genevieve Margrett & Margarida Alfama
Director: Alex Grazioli
DP: Lukasz Pruchnik
Editors: Stephen Chan, Manuela Lupini, Victoria Fiore, Agathe Barbier
Motion: Hedvig Ahlberg