BMW - Roberto Parodi

The Italian Roberto Parodi used to be a banker and writer. Then a man from television noticed him as the author of motorcycle books, and he got his own reality documentary.
Suddenly Roberto was a writer and presenter.
He gave up the job as a banker. Since then, he has been living a life full of adventure and travel, with motorcycling spurring on his imagination.
"I would call myself a writer. First of all, I am a storyteller. I think stories make our reality more interesting and attractive. If you want to tell a story, you have to know what you're talking about. And because my stories are always about travels and adventures, I have to ride my motorcycle around the world to write my books. That's why these two things are closely connected. A motorcycle is a tool for the imagination: when I'm riding, I think and dream about the future. I'd like to take a long overland trip with my sons Pietro and Vittorio (21 and 19 years old). That's my dream. They both drive beautiful old bikes and are enthusiastic about vintage motorcycles. Just like their father."
The Parodis are united not only in their passion for bikes with engines that sound good. Their second common hobby involves nice things to listen to. Roberto and his two sons play in a family band called "Peter's Room".
His son Vittorio plays guitar and sings, just like Roberto. Pietro plays drums.

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Roberto Parodi and the R9T Scrambler

a Utopia, M&C Saatchi Milano production for BMW
directed by : Alex Grazioli
creative director : Luca Scotto Di Carlo
art director : Luca Fulciniti
account : Margherita Zanvit
executive producer : Federico Fornasari
producers : Guja Quaranta, Rosario "Rex" Di Salvo, Giovanni LaMonaca
assistant producer : Nicholas Grundy
director of photography : Giuseppe Favale
editor & sound design : Manuel Savoia & Alex Grazioli
camera : Paolo Gobbi
focus puller : Davide Bongiorni
gaffer : Francesco Galli
grip : Andrea Savio
fonico : Ivan Mosconi
elettricista : Gabriele Masulli
attrezzista : Simone Ciceri
assistente : Luca Morini
fotografo:- Tommaso Lisca 
video assist : Eleonora Castiello, Fabio Proserpio
vfx: Simon Gotlieb