MOLTON BROWN - Orange & Bergamot

Launched as ‘Bubbling Orange Grove’, which changed over the years to ‘Naran Ji’ and today is known as ‘Orange & Bergamot’,
our original collection featured one of Britain’s first ever luxury fine liquid hand washes.
Recognised for its pioneering nature and unforgettable fragrance, it was chosen for the guest suites of some of the most distinguished hotels in London.
Our signature, our bestseller and an unmistakable icon "I was inspired by the freshness and longevity with the natural feel of citrus fruits and flowers of Michael’s original creation… infusing contemporary ingredients such as blossoming neroli and bright amber whilst upholding its enduringly happy essence."
BEVERLY BAYNE, Master Perfumer

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Orange & Bergamot - Director's Cut

A Connected Pictures production for Molton Brown
directed by : Alex Grazioli 
executive producer : Adam Penny
producer: Miriam Vam Emst
local producer : Read Fakhar
cinematography: Mike Simpson
editor: Theo Gelernter
music: Charlie Jefferson